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Testimonials of Customers

These letters have come to us from around the country, and we thought we would share them with you.

Good Evening Palmer Industries,
I would like to give a huge THANK YOU to your staff at Palmer Industries, from the office staff to the shop, you folks are doing a fantastic job with customer service!! I especially would like to thank Mark for his guidance on the installation of the new throttle switch for my Dad's bike. It went very slick. These bikes are one in a million.
Julie Reimer

My Pi is the Palmer Industries Twosome Plus. It’s made to take its rider up and down the streets of San Francisco, but mine has to climb hills like that through grass. I have between three and five acres of hilly pasture to water in as many locations, and I couldn’t manage that any more if I couldn’t drive my Pi between sites. When we have a disagreement, Pi usually wins, but that doesn’t happen very often. I really appreciate my Pi. I couldn’t manage my acreage without it.
Thank you, Alice Hall

Dear Palmer Industries:
I'd like to thank you for your service, your attitude, and your trust. Several months ago I bought a Palmer Independence for my mother. I should also thank you for your machine--it's by far the best I have seen, and I looked at a lot of them before I chose yours. It has enabled my mother to maintain some of her independence since she lost her car. She's off in it every day, and it is a real conversation piece wherever she goes. I recently ordered a rear view mirror for the scooter, and gave it to my mother for Christmas. When I tried to install it, the mounting bracket was too large and couldn't be tightened on the handlebar. So I called you, and you asked me to call your assembly shop. So I called them. The woman who answered said "sorry"---then said she'd try a new one first on a machine in the shop and then mail it to me. She did, it came, and it's definitely smaller than the original one and will probably work (I won't be able to try it until I visit my mother again). The whole process was just so easy I wanted to thank you. I've enclosed the original mounting bracket--you may want to spot check those in stock to see if others have the same problem.
Thank you. Tim of Los Gatos, CA

Dear Palmer Industries,
Thank you so much for the check for $100. I of course was very surprised and thankful, but mainly I want to reiterate in print what I've said over the phone. It's a pleasure to do business with you and to have a continuing personal relationship with you, even if only over the phone. My experience with your Customer Service has been excellent, with your office staff whom I talk to on the phone consistently helpful and friendly. I'm thankful for this opportunity to 'sing your praises' for a bit.
David of Dallas, TX

Hi friends,
Just a note to let you know we love our Palmer Twosome. It is a great help to us for my husband is blind and also has a bad heart and a bad back. I have some problems, but I do drive the Palmer. It helps me with groceries for they get a little heavy to carry. We want to thank you for thinking of people with special needs.
Thanks again. Jim & Dolly of York, PA

Dear Jack:
I received the fork for the trike and I have it installed and running. It was definitely the problem. I am so thankful to you and the company and I am greatly relieved as I thought I was really in for a lot of trouble and expense. I did not need the help of a bike shop so there was no cost there. Thanks again for your sincerity and honesty and please thank the president of the company for me. Thank you so much, you are all good people.
Aubrey of Richmond Heights, MO

Sorry I'm so late in sending this. It was in the envelope in the basket of my twosome in the garage. I haven't used it much yet. It's so powerful, I only use 1st & 2nd gear. I only ride in my yard. One day, I'll go in the street of my neighborhood for a ride. It's beautiful and you should see the people passing by look at it. Thanks.
Laura Lee of New Iberia, LA

Dear Joanie:
First off - let me tell you how much I am enjoying our Palmer Twosome. It has enhanced my life completely and here in Grand Island which is level country on the whole, I ride around town anywhere I wish. I tell everyone "it's fully air conditioned" and the heater is just as good as the one in my Ford Model A Fourdoor. Mileage is good too! I can ride all day and still have enough fuel left to put Palmer in his stall and by morning, he's ready to go again - that I can't do with the Model A. I have to find a driver and that is sort of a problem - others have things to do - and with Palmer I can do my things too. I haven't tried him out for distance yet - but I'll bet I traveled over 25 miles yesterday and did I enjoy him. Saturday, we had a car show and so we cruised around town. I swear next year I'll ride Palmer. Show people the car of the future! I have given out most of the literature you sent me. Friends from Greenwood, NE (about 126 miles from Lincoln) Lincoln & Grand Island to Rapid City and Mitchell, SD. I care little if I receive any benefit from what I've done - I just wish to spread the happiness I have with Palmer around. Others have had their enjoyment with him also. Veterans Home Show in November, Palmer is to be there for rides for the handicapped. Well, thank you so much.
Respectively, Kenneth of Grand Island, NC

Recently George H. Pierce of Tonawanda, NY (my Dad), received a letter from Rita. She inquired about Dad's using the Palmer Two-Seater and remaining on the reference list. Sorry to say Dad died in December, 2010. He had many enjoyable adventures in his two seater. He went shopping, did his banking, and even did his own laundry. He also followed the local bike path down along the river. It gave him an independence he wouldn't have had without the two seater. He was 89 when he died and was able to use the Palmer up until 6 months ago. I have now inherited the 2 seater and expect to get a lot of enjoyment from it also. Dad loved his two seater and had nothing but praise for Palmer Industries and its employees. Thank you for helping enrich his life.
Thelma P. Buncy
PS. We used to put the two seater into a pick-up truck so that dad could go to the county fair.

Thank you so very much, for the pleasant surprise I got in the mail from you. Thank you, again! Your check to me couldn't have arrived at a more convenient time. As I had been in the hospital and really appreciated the check. Sure made my day, and I hope Janet enjoys her bike as much as I do; and my little dog also. He is trained to walk with the bike or on it! Mr. Prince was the reason of my getting a bike! He sure enjoys it as do I! So thank you again.
Adeline of Blairsville, GA

Dear Jack,
Dad (Elmer Kilmer) is really enjoying his trike. Thanks so much for a quality product and your personal attention. It has meant a lot to him.
Sincerely, Anderea Mann, NY

To the folks at Palmer Industries
Over this past summer I contacted you about replacing the two deep-cycle batteries in my father's old Palmer Twosome. After belatedly picking them up this fall, my son and I hooked them into the Twosome with some doubt as to whether we could get the vehicle to run. Remarkably, with just the two new batteries and pumped up (original) tires the Twosome ran as well as it did when my father first brought it home! Now that may not seem special, but my father passed away over 23 years ago and the Twosome had been stored unused in a garage since sometime before that-covered but not really "cared-for" all that time. To have this amazing vehicle spring to life with nary a squeak of the axles-well that's something Palmer Industries should be pretty proud of! Thanks for making such a marvelous machine!
Sincerely, Dan Kobrin
P. S. I've attached a picture of my son on the Twosome. While he and my father never met, one way they're connected is the Twosome!

Dear Palmer Industries,
We own a Palmer Independence scooter (a used 1997 model) and spend half the year living in RV Parks in Florida. People stop us all the time asking about the scooter. We love it; does everything it's advertised to do and more! Besides using it for my wife, who's unable to walk very far, we also use it as if it were a little car to run errands around town. The high speed and acceleration makes crossing busy streets a cinch. One other thing my wife has discovered down here in Florida; is that she's able to take it into the drugstore and the supermarket, very handy indeed, and she's done a full weeks shopping with it.
Mr. D. Cherau, FL

Dear Palmers,
I want to thank you again for your help in getting my scooter back on the road after I broke my battery charger. Since it is my only means of transportation, keeping my scooter operational is really important to me.

About a year ago, I realized that macular degeneration had affected my vision to a degree that it was making me a danger to myself and others when I was driving and started thinking about how I could get along without a car. Taxi's seemed expensive, I didn't like the idea of waiting for one every time I wanted to move. Asking my friends for rides three or four times a week didn't seem to be a good idea either; but I had seen people moving around the neighborhood on a scooter and thought that might be a solution.

I started shopping the internet for a scooter and discovered an amazing array of machines for sale, mostly power chairs and scooters that were more like toys than a serious means of transportation, so I tried to identify the qualities my ideal scooter would need. A few thing came to the top of my list: some of the places I wanted to go are nearly ten miles away, so I needed plenty of range. I wanted to bring groceries home, so I needed cargo capacity. My heart problems and COPD limit how far I can walk, so reliability and ruggedness were needed; I didn't like to think about being on foot five miles from home on a hot West Texas day. And the sidewalks I planned to travel on are old, uneven, and full of cracks and holes, so I wanted wheels large enough to role over rough patches.

Using these criteria, I renewed my search for a suitable scooter. The results were disappointing. Nineteen mile range, zero cargo capacity, six or eight inch wheels, and vehicles designed to navigate in houses and stores didn't seem to meet my needs. Then I found the Palmer Industries web page.

Your Twosome Model 24 appeared to be just what I was looking for. To be honest, I was a bit put off by the price at first. After reviewing the features and costs of the other scooters and power chairs I had looked at, I realized that you get what you pay for, bit the bull, sold my car, and order a Palmer Model 24 Scooter last January. I have not been sorry. My Model 24 has been reliable and rugged (I am a bit clumsy and have run into things, bounced over curbs dropped a wheel into chuck holes, and generally abused my poor scooter more than once.) All this hasn't fazed my scooter. It keeps on whirring away and brings me safely home. I bought the long range option, which allows me to make the occasional 20 mile round trip with perfect confidence that I will have enough power to make it up the long hill I live near the top of. The big cargo basket on the back lets me bring a pretty good load home from the grocery store. The documentation that came with it was the icing on the cake. It is clear and comprehensive and, coupled with your demonstrated excellent support gives me a lot of confidence that my scooter will help me stay independent for years to come. Perhaps best of all, my scooter is ready when I am, just like my car was. Thanks for providing me a quality product that meets my need. Last, but not least, thanks for making it in the USA.

By the way, on top of all the attributes that make it valuable to me, my model 24 is very attractive. It gets attention, compliments, and "where did you get it?" questions every time I take it out. I can remember getting that kind of attention when I owned a Pontiac convertible about fifty years ago. does getting excited about a scooter mean that you are an old geezer now?

P. J. of El Paso, TX

Hello, I bought a used Palmer Twosome in 2012 from the factory. I get stopped frequently by people asking where they can buy a Palmer. I just wanted to say thank you. I had a brain tumor removed in 2008 that left me partially paralyzed with limited walking ability. Before I bought the Palmer, I had to rely on family, or a hired assistant to drive me places. Now, if I can get there on my Palmer, I drive myself. Getting a Palmer has truly given me back my independence! Thanks again
Drew, Durham, NC

Mr. Palmer,

In 1997, I received my new Palmer Twosome, that has been a great mobility vehicle for my needs, as a professional hunter that has become mobility impaired.

In 1991, I had a bad accident and I could no longer hunt for my living and food supply until I got my Palmer.

After my Palmer got old and I had to rebuild it; I upgraded the Palmer so it would travel in the swamps and other wetlands of Florida all day long and get me to the hunting areas I needed to get to.

In this time of Americans with disabilities, I began a proposition with my doctors to help other handicapped persons to get out of their homes and into the wilderness areas of Florida for physical therapy, then I spend a great deal of time dealing with the St. Johns River Water Management to move their obstructions preventing the handicapped persons from accessing the St. Johns wilderness areas.
Thank you F. Hunter of Melbourne, FL

Dear Palmer Industries,
I suffered a stroke at age 47 in 2012. While my recovery has been going well, I have had to come to terms that I may never be able to drive again.

We bought a standard, small, indoor mobility scooter to get around the mall, the neighborhood, etc., but I found myself wanting more. I hated the feeling that I "looked" disabled on my mobility scooter. I also didn't like the very slow speed, the rough ride over horrible sidewalks and the lack of storage, and the short range on a full battery.

My husband and I looked into buying a larger, outdoor scooter and considered one of the "bright and shiny" models splashed all over the internet. But my husband, being very mechanically minded, hated the way they "were put together", the proprietary battary that cost a fortune, and the fact that it probably wouldn't hold up very long!

While searching our local Craigs List, we came across a scooter for sale we had never heard of: The Palmer Independence. My husband did his research and loved how the machine (that's what he calls it) is made. He also loves that it's manufactured in the USA. Best yet? He said the way it is constructed, it should last forever!

I loved the look of it. No boring mobility scooter here! In fact, it didn't look like a mobility scooter at all! We bought it!

While still getting used to the shift knob and steering, my husband found a person selling another Palmer scooter 750 miles away, called the Palmer Twosome. This one came with all the bells and whistles. Best of all, it said it was an automatic. This was something I was interested in as my upper body coordination can be "iffy" sometimes.

We made the 1500 mile round-trip form Arizona to Nevada to look at, and purchase the Palmer Twosome! I have had my Palmer Twosome for two weeks now and am in LOVE WITH IT! I use it to drive to the library, the market, and the local thrift store where I volunteer. I even made a longer trek to a store further away and had a ball. My Palmer gets a lot of attention........................all positive!

My husband had planned on selling the Palmer Independence, but since we purchased the Twosome, we have been riding our two Palmer scooters all around. Yesterday, after returning from a grocery run, he said, "I'm really not in any big hurry to sell this!"

We laugh because we spend a lot of time being stopped by people wanting to know, "What is that?" and "Where did you get that?"

The Palmer Scooter is great fun to ride, but for me, it has been a life-changer. I don't feel quite so dependent on other's now, as I can "drive" further from home to shop. And I have plenty of storage!!!!!

Thank you for such an amazing product!
Sincerely, Mrs. Marie Morgan Mesa, AZ

Dear Mildred and Jack,
Just a note and photos in response to your recent letter. As shown, your Palmer Twosome is being ridden in the Eureka, California Rhody Parade to promote the "Aahmes Redwood Shrine Clubs" efforts in support of Shriners Hospitals for Kids. Our club participates in numerous parades throughout Northern California each year and this particular Palmer vehicle was donated to the Shriners for use in these parades. Your recent help in our refurbishing efforts has been greatly appreciated. You have a great product.
Kenneth Christiansen, President, Redwood Shrine Club Eureka, CA

Dear Palmer Industries,

We received a letter to my dad, Gerald Bennett, regarding updating records, as well as for a review.

Unfortunately, Dad passed away last March. He was a great man and is deeply missed!

In his last years, he was physically limited, and when he ordered his Palmer, it gave him a new lease on life! It was a SHOWPIECE and, gosh- how Dad LOVED attention! He was well-known throughout their neighborhood for his regular strolls; always accompanied by his two Yorkies, who loved "Papa's Scooter" as much as he did! Whe he and Mom would go to their condo in Daytona each year, we'd transport it down there as it was his only means to get on the beach to play bocce ball. Everyone knew when he was in town by the unique, bright yellow scooter. We name it 'Chitty' after the movie "Chitty Chitty Bang Bang" !

In memorium we parked 'Chitty' in their front yard with a flower; it surprised us when neighbors also left flowers on it.

He was always glad to mention Palmer Industries when asked about his beloved bike!

Thank you for the years of pleasure he had with the quality toy he loved!

Sincerely, Patty Hibble, FL

Dear Rita,
I still use my vehicle every day of the week. I would be lost without it since my legs are giving out. It has paid for itself over and over several times. It was the best money I ever spent.
Joseph Sapienza, LA

I am really pleased with my Twosome - now in its third or fourth year. The Palmers have been extremely helpful and supportive over the years. Nice to see their products continue to evolve and improve. I recommend Palmer Industries very highly.
John Telford, PA

Dear Palmers,

I cannot say enough good things about just how great those old Palmers have been for me! Keep in mind that each of my vehicles came to me 2nd hand, and were considered "dead" by their previous owners and were bought "as is" for parts; yet I've been able to rebuild them back to life (thanks to your parts & helpful advice!). This is quite a feat considering their ages.

In fact...I have only recently truly appreciated just how hard my Palmers were used. Why in the last 2 years, I have put over 2200 miles on them. I have had my Palmers for many more years than that.

I've travelled through rain & snow, often while pulling a trailer full of groceries. I've never had ANY other mobility device that was able to go through mud and snow.

James Brunner