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Shopper Electric Trike $1924.00

Designed for the busy woman on-the-go around town, the Shopper Electric Trike will make those necessary trips delightful. This 24" pedal-electric has a silent hub motor with a variable speed of 0 to 11 MPH. You can go as slow as you would like or zip along to your destination. You can pedal normally with no resistance from the motor, use the twist grip throttle to rest your legs or pedal and power together for exercise.

Adjustable Backrest available

Shipped fully assembled to your area, shipping charges additional.

shopper trike


SIZE: 43"H x70"L x29"W 250lBS. Weight Capacity 24" wheels Alloy wheels
Chrome front fender Reflector set Low step-through design Red
Grade w/150Lb Rider 12% Weight w/Motor & Battery 76Lbs. Front wheel Hub Motor Variable Speed Controller
Twist Grip Throttle w/Battery Gauge 36V battery & Charger 20 mile range Speed on level w 150Lb 12MPH
1822056 Front Basket $46.00
1822047 Slow Moving Vehicle Sign $36.00
1822027 Safety Flag, 6 Ft. Pole with Florescent Orange Banner $30.00
18220051 Cover for storage $103.00
1822025 Security Lock-6 foot cable with lock and two keys $30.00
18220061 Rear View Mirror (each) $30.00
1701050 Headlight/Taillight Combo $41.00
1701012 Optional 3 Speed Coaster Brake $224.00
1721000 Rear Fender Set 24" $102.00
1701049 Adjustable Backrest $93.00
  12AH Battery (25 miles) $207.00
1822026 Digital Speedometer/Odometer $118.00
1701051 Thornproof Tubes $94.00
18220541 Windshield $260.00
1822059 Cane/Canadian Crutch Holder (each) $47.00
18220591 V Type Crutch Holder (each) $47.00