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Our Company

Palmer Industries, a family business, officially opened its doors in 1973. After a trip to Florida where we first saw the adult 3 wheel trikes, Jack invented and patented an attachable electric power kit. To our knowledge, and the patent office's, it was the first electric attachable for 3 Wheelers. With a lot of enthusiasm, and very little capital, we became the World's First Manufacturer of Electric Kits for Three Wheelers. Many perceptive editors gave us beneficial coverage in their national magazines; Modern Maturity, Sunday's Parade Magazine, Popular Mechanics and Popular Science, to name a few. As time passed quickly, and sales grew gradually, we began receiving inquiries for similar products.

Some wanted to use their Electric Three Wheeler in place of a car and wanted a more comfortable seat. Those unable to pedal were delighted we had eliminated the pedaling problem, but they wanted more seat support.

Our time was usurped building power kits. But the people persevered with suggestions, ideas and pictures of their homemade machines. We were a small company with a large family of customer friends.

In 1976, between our flag waving, we pioneered another first in electric travel. Combining our electric power knowledge and our customer's suggestions, we introduced the World's First One-Hand Operated Electric Outdoor 3 Wheeler. Designed for local travel and comfort, this 3 Wheeler went on grass, dirt road, up inclines and, hooray, even through the park. They were right; it certainly was needed.

To bring you up to date, we're still producing those award winning kits along with a growing number of 3 wheel vehicles for adventuresome individuals and companies. Proudly, WE STOCK PARTS FOR EVERY PRODUCT WE'VE EVER MADE these past 47 years. Our first products are still serving their owners. Everything we've learned from our customers and our manufacturing experience is embodied in the Palmer Vehicles and Kits.

As our company grows, we join our customers on a pioneering adventure through the 21st century.

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