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Hub Motors for Bikes and Trikes

For 24" Trike or Bike Part Number Cost
24" Trike Hub Motor Wheel with Tire, Tube, Throttle, and Speed Control #1015653 $861.00
24" Bike Hub Motor wheel with tire and tube, throttle and speed controller #1015773


Battery Pack 36V 12AH, Lead Acid #1020024 $217.00
Charger 36V #1020023 $131.00
Rear Saddle Baskets #1020027 $55.00

Since 1973 we've made and sold electric kits for customers cycles so they can run errands, ride to work, go shopping or enjoy their outdoor adventures getting only the exercise they want. These new hub motor power kits level the hills and tame the wind. They give you the choice to pedal normally, use power or pedal with power on.

How simple is it to electrify your cycle?

Just take off the front wheel, put new wheel with 500W motor built in. Then attach controller and battery to bike. Attach the wiring that is included with the kit and put twist grip throtlle on your handlebar. Now you are ready to go.

Range is 20 miles on level, hard surface with 150 Lb. rider. Vehicle requirement: 24" Trike or 24" or 26" Bike. Warranty is 6 months on defective parts.

Shipping is included to Contential US for complete kits. Shipping extra for single items. NYS add your local sales tax.

For 26" Bike Part Number Price
26" Hub Motor wheel w/ tire, tube, throttle and speed controller #1015763 $872.00
Battery Pack 48V 9AH, Lead Acid #1020026 $218.00
Charger 48V #1020025 $131.00
Rear Saddle Baskets #1020027 $55.00