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Questions & Answers

Do I need a drivers license
Every city and state is different. We do invoice the scooters as Power Wheelchairs, and they do have the symbol of access stickers on them, so if you are using it as a mobility aide, you should be able to go and ride anywhere other powered wheelchairs can go. We do have a model that does come with a Vin number and Title Sheet so if you want to register it, you can.
Can I use a car battery?
No, No, No. Car batteries are made to recharge during use. Electric vehicles do not recharge with use. You need a Deep Cycle Battery. These should be charged after every time the vehicle is used as they'll give better performance & last longer. Although they can be taken on plane, the Gel Cell Batteries do not give the range or have as long a life as lead acid batteries. We do not use or recommend Gel Batteries for outdoor use.
What's so Great about a Gear Drive?
You don't need it all of the time but when you do it's the difference between night and day. The Gear drive is maintenance free, doesn't slip like chain or V belt, transmits more power and doesn't require adjustment. We're the first ones to have it and it makes the Palmer Vehicles the Most Advanced 3-Wheel Electric's available. We're button popping proud of our engineers for this advance in electric's.
Is your vehicle easy to operate?
Yes sirree. Just turn on the Key which is mounted on the Dash Panel, rotate the twist grip Throttle and away you go. Release the throttle and the automatic Brake stops you.
Can I put vehicle in trunk of my Car?
No, it requires an SUV, Station Wagon, Van or our trailer. Too many people are stuck with a promised easy take apart, stick in trunk, go indoor or outdoor vehicle. For stability, traction and especially SAFETY outdoors, you need width, length and large wheels. Small portable vehicles tip easily outdoors.
Can it be used in the home?
It can be used in Malls and Grocery Stores but is not for use in a home. A vehicle made for outdoor terrain is destructive in a home. Rear Drive limits turning capabilities inside and bangs walls and furniture. Three wheelers made for indoor can't have large enough wheels for outdoor safety. We do now offer some small scooters that can be used indoors.
How do I get technical or mechanical assistance with my vehicle?
Our technitions are available during normal business hours to answer questions or to help walk you through troubleshooting.
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