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Double and Single Seat Palmer Lite Front Wheel Drive

Twosome Lite Front Wheel Drive $3595.00
  • Speed 0-13mph
  • range on level hard terrain w/ 180lb rider 20 miles
  • holds up to 400lbs
  • 48v hub motor
  • 48v charger
  • width 35"
  • length 72"
  • height 38"
  • weight w/o battery 158lbs
The Twosome Lite and Independence Lite Front Wheel Drive are ideal for local errands and mild grades. Dynamic hub motor power and a full suspension frame provides a comfortable and smooth ride for all your outings. As safety is a big concern, these new scooters have a clamp on LED headlight and tail light, and a battery indicator. Available with front Palmer Hub Motor, and many of the Palmer Accessories are available for these new scooters. Mechanical features include one hand, easy twist grip throttle operation, reverse, regenerative braking, front and rear suspension, a rear basket, and as always Made in the USA
Independence Lite Front Wheel Drive $3295.00
  • Speed 0-13MPH
  • 20 Mile Range on level hard terraing w/180lb rider
  • holds up to 400Lbs
  • 48V Hub Motor
  • 48V Charger
  • width 29.5"
  • length 72"
  • Height 38"
  • Weight w/o battery 143 lbs
twosome lite fwd
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