Zip-E Hub Motors for Wheelchairs $1749.00

Hub Motor for Wheelchair

 Our newest in electric mobility, the Zip-E Hub motor will convert your manual wheelchair to electric. Once installed, it's an easy switch back and forth from manual to electric all from sitting in the wheelchair. Just reach down to the hub motor on each wheel and push the lever down on each for manual and pull up on each for electric. Order Online

 Features: Zero turning radius, joystick controller, forward and reverse, regenerative braking, motors slow when throttle released, parking brake, change to manual in 2 simple moves, variable speed up to 4 mph, uses standard household outlet for charging, and has 3 hours of continuous use and 10 mile range on flat ground, automatic parking brake locks wheels from rolling when you are at a stop, weight capacity 300 Lbs, 15% gradeability.ZIPE HUB MOTOR KIT

Kit includes both motorized wheels with tires and tubes, joystick controller, electromechanical braking, wiring, anti-tippers, battery holder, battery, charger with 2 ports, and installation instruction.

Hub Wheelchair

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